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June 9, 2023


  1. Only players and workers 18 years and older are allowed in the Hall.

  2. Shirt and shoes are required at all times.

  3. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited in the Hall.

  4. The instructions of a Uniformed Security Officer should be followed at all times. Any player not following instructions may be asked to leave the Hall.

  5. Use of devices that disrupt surrounding players are prohibited. Cell phones should be put on silent. If the disruption continues after reminders the player may be asked to leave without refund.

  6. Any person or persons causing a disruption to the game or surrounding players due to excessive noise, profanity or inappropriate behavior or gestures may be asked to leave the hall without refund.

  7. With the exception of specifically dated game cards, players may not take bingo paper, pulltabs, flashboard or any such items out of the hall.

  8. VacaValley Bingo and its charities are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Personal items left in the Hall will be held for 30 days.

  9. Players will not receive papers or strips that have been played at the time of their buy-in.

  10. All players must display a current & correct receipt that reflects their buy-in.

  11. Only a buy-in receipt or reservation can save a seat.

  12. Reservations can be made and paid for future sessions with Hospitality. A minimum of 2 packs are required to hold a reservation. 

  13. Handicapped seating will be available for persons with mobility challenges. 

  14. Persons visiting people in the Hall will be asked to leave after 10 minutes if they do not have a buy-in receipt. 

  15. Maximum payouts are determined by the State Penal Code. 

  16. In the event of multiple bingos, the prizes will be divided equally.

  17. The number showing on a video monitor is not valid until called. The last number called must appear in the game pattern for the bingo to be valid. 

  18. In the event of an incorrect call or ball placement, the number on the ball drawn will be the only valid number.

  19. Bingo will not be acknowledged on cut up papers.

  20. It is the player’s responsibility to play on the correct colored paper, strip or flashboard. A bingo on an incorrect game piece is not valid.

  21. It is the player’s responsibility to make it known to the caller if the have a bingo. Bingos called after the caller declares a game “closed” will not be allowed unless the charity’s staff have made a mistake.

  22. The Charity Manager’s decision is final in any matters concerning a game or drawing.

  23. All issues must be addressed that day with that charity, the next days charity cannot address issues from the previous day.

  24. Flashboard and Fun Tab games may not necessarily be played in the order sold.

  25. In the event the balls are dropped, and the numbers are not retrievable, during a Fun Tab or Flashboard game, that game will be cancelled and replayed at the next available opportunity.

  26. For “must be present to win” drawings when tickets or cards are drawn until there is a winner, each ticket or card will be valid until the caller closes that ticket or card. Once the ticket has been closed it is no longer valid.

  27. Management of Vaca Valley Bingo reserves the right to determine eligibility for all prizes/jackpots/giveaways. 

  28. Vaca Valley Bingo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion.

Situations not covered here will be determined by the Charity Manager in collaboration with the Hospitality/Hall Manager and reviewed by the User’s Group.

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