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Q: When are you open?

A: We are open daily with 9 sessions a week.

Q: Where is bingo played?

A: All sessions are played in our hall located at 190 Bella Vista ave in Vacaville.

Q: How old do you have to be to play bingo?

A: You must be 18 play bingo. As a reminder, children are not allowed in the hall. 

Q: How long is the session? When does it end?

A: End times vary greatly, but on average the session lasts about 3 hours.  Matinee may end a little sooner.

Q: Is there a handicapped line?

A: If you have a handicapped sticker on your VIP card, or you're handicapped you can use the counter designated for you. If we are handing out numbers for the session you are here, you must wait until your number is called before walking up to the counter. 

Q: Will we need reservations?

A: It is first come first serve. You can make reservations for a future session.

Q: How can I make a reservation?

A: Please speak with hospitality to reserve your seat. Reservations can only be done in person with cash.  You pay for the buyin in advance. The cost depends on the session. If you are a no call/no show, the cash will be donated to the charity. You can move the reservation to another day if you call in advance. There are no refunds. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND -  If you pay for one seat you are NOT entitled to the whole table. 


Q: How many per table?

A: Majority are 4 seats per table and more can be added if needed. Some tables hold 2 and some hold 8.


Q: Will we have to wear a mask?

A: At this time VVB will follow the guidelines set forth by Solano County.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Prices are determined by our charities and can be found on the "PRICING" page.

Q: How many games are played?

A: Programs can be found at the "PROGRAM" page.

Q: What is a paper game and a what is a strip game?

A: Paper games are traditional bingo cards with the BINGO at the top and the corresponding numbers below. Strip games are cards that come in various patterns and do not usually contain letters just numbers. Each is played differently, be sure to ask hospitality for help.

Q: Do you still sell flash?

A: Of Course, BUT keep in mind we may have a limited number of volunteers selling so purchases will be allowed at the counter.


Q: Are you still using paper bingo?

A: Yes we are using all paper and strips in most sessions. 

Q: Are you using bingo machines?

A: Currently we do not use machines.

Q: Will the café be open?

A: Yes the café will be open, please note -the cafe is independently owned and operated. Any questions/concerns should be brought to them directly.

Q: What about coffee and water access?

A: You can bring your water bottles and get ice and water from the café.  Coffee can be purchased at the café. *Please remember alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden*. 

Q: Can we bring outside food?

A: Yes, some players are using food deliveries to get meals. Please be sure to provide your contact information to them.

Q: Can I remove my mask while I sit and eat?

A: Yes


Q: Should winners make a donation?

A: Donations are at your discretion and not required but greatly appreciated.

Q: Coupons?

A: VVB will only accept coupons that come out of our registers.

Q: Will the program change?

A: Charities can change their programs at any time.

Q: Can someone get kicked out for laughing and having good time?

A: We hope everyone will have a good time while playing bingo at our hall. We won't kick you out, but we may ask you to take it down a notch if it causes disruptions to other players.

Q: Do I need to buy in to play the progressive game?

A: Yes, you do need to have a buy in to play the current progressive game.

Q: Can I buy in at half time?

A: You can buy in at any time, it will be the FULL price. We do not offer 'halftime' buy ins.  Nor comps for missed games.

Q: Can I sit and watch my friend play? 

A: NO, everyone seated must have a buy in. Splitting buyins are strictly forbidden. 

Q: Can you play my bingo while I use the bathroom? 

A: Sorry, NO. At first it was because of potential illness. But we are also short staffed, also we are not allowed to call BINGO for you as a worker, nor will we be responsible for any errors in daubing your papers. 

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