Q: When will the hall reopen?

A: We are open with all sessions except Sunday matinee.

Q: How old do you have to be to play bingo?

A: You must be 18 play bingo. As a reminder, children are not allowed in the hall. 

Q: Will we need reservations?

A: We will not be taking reservations, It will be first come first serve. 

Q: Why won't you take reservations?

A: Our charities voted against taking credit cards so we cannot take reservations.  However we plan to allow future reservations. Once we have it set up we will share the details.

Q: What will be the process upon entering?

A: At this time we will have only the main lobby door as an entrance, a single line of players will enter a hand full at a time. Upon entry you will be given a number, you will then find a seat and wait for your number to be called to do your buy-in. Flash and Strips can be purchase while you wait.

Q: What is the capacity of the hall?

A: Our capacity will be 250

Q: How many per table?

A: The pods allow 4 per table

Q: Will you be open 7 days a week like before?

A: We will maintain our previous schedule with the exception of Sunday Matinee.  

Q: Will we have to wear a mask?

A: At this time yes, we ask all players to wear a mask while walking the hall and while on line - even if you are vaccinated. You may remove them while seated.

Q: How will distancing work?

A: All our tables have been separated to maintain distancing. We expect everyone to respect the 6ft distance while standing in lines.

Q: Have prices gone up?

A: Prices are determined by our charities and can be found in the link above.

Q: Will you still sell flash?

A: Of Course, BUT we may have a limited number of volunteers selling so purchases will be allowed at the counter.


Q: Are you still using paper bingo?

A: Yes we are using all paper and strips in most sessions. 

Q:Will the café be open?

A: Yes the café will be open

Q: What about coffee and water access?

A: You can bring your water bottles, and get ice and water from the café. Due to Covid our water fountains are unavailable.  Coffee can be purchased at the café. Café may charge you for a cup if you ask for one.

Q: Can we bring outside food?

A: Yes

Q:Can I remove my mask while I sit and eat?

A: Yes


Q: Should winners make a donation?

A: Donations are at your discretion and not required.

Q: Coupons?

A: Since VVB is under new management, Therefore ALL coupons previously held will not be honored. We apologize for any inconvenience . VIP cards will be accepted but the program has been modified, so your points will start over as new.

Q: Will the program change?

A: Our charities are making slight modifications to their programs. For the first few months we are operating on  modified programs.

Q:Can someone get kicked out for laughing and having good time?

A: We hope everyone will have a good time while playing bingo at our hall. We won't kick you out, but we may ask you to take it down a notch if it causes disruptions to other players.

Q: Will the hours be the same?

A: We are making slight modifications to our hours, the doors will open at 4:30pm. Please click the link above for all hours.

Q: Do I need to buy in to play the progressive game?

A: Yes, you do need to have a buy in to play the current progressive game.

Q: Can I buy in at half time?

A: You can buy in at anytime, it will be the full price. We do not offer 'halftime' buy ins.