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* The jackpot amount may not be updated over the weekend, Be sure to refresh this page*

There will be one progressive Jackpot increasing daily for all charities.

Progressive will be played on Lucky Charms Strip*. (*Name can change without notice)

Every session will sell Lucky Charms strip for $5 - *not included in buy-ins*
Strips cannot be carried over to other sessions.

Winners will receive $1000 guaranteed, unless won on Pink.

Pink winner will receive progressive jackpot.

Current Progressive Jackpot: $1200

When the jackpot is won, it resets to a $1200 starting amount.

What happens when there are multiple winners?

The winners on pink will get the jackpot divided by the total winners.
The winners on other colors will get the regular payout divided by the SAME total winners.

Ex: 2 winners, one on pink box & one on any other box.  Pink winner gets 50% of the jackpot, the other gets 50% of the regular payout.  The difference will stay in the jackpot. 3 winners will split 33%, 4 winners will split 25%, etc.

For 2 winners - when the Jackpot is $1800 - the Pink winner gets $900, Other winner gets $500 - total $1400. The remaining $400 is rolled back into the jackpot, thus increasing the starting payout. 

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